Friday, June 16, 2006

Potty Talk

No I'm not talking about bad words - I'm talking about the actual potty. Feel free to keep reading, but you've been warned.

I have an adorable three year old (Little Miss "Table fell on my head"). She's my third girl and well, potty training for the other two was pretty uneventful. Both were potty trained during the day a little after age two, and overnight by age 3 and a half (oldest) and 2 and a half (middle). I thought I had it figured out. Then the little one comes along and the age of two comes and goes with only a few half-hearted trips to the potty. She's understood the concept for quite a while now - she just wasn't interested in actually doing anything about it. No amount of convincing or bribery was working.

Then last week (at three years and three months)- I dunno - she started going potty - everytime she needed to go to the bathroom. Which, since her bladder is likely the size of a walnut, is quite often.

So after all this waiting - and wondering if she would ever decide to use the potty, I have now returned to the days of scanning the roads for stores that I would be willing to stop at to let her go to the bathroom when we're out. I'm fairly picky about bathrooms. I don't even like to use public restrooms. But when you have a three year old - you gotta do what you gotta do.

So my short list of places it is okay to go:

Starbucks (my personal fav because it's easy to grab a latte on the way)
Chick Fil A (the only fast food I will usually try)
Wawa/Sheetz - usually okay - depends on where

It just goes to show you get what you pray for. I've been wanting this to happen for so long and now I'm trying to remember WHY I wanted it. It really is much easier to change a diaper than it is to find a place for her to potty every three miles.