Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Can you imagine?

You can read the whole story yourself if you'd like but have you heard about the case of mistaken identity?

A horrible accident killed five students after they were hit by a tractor trailor - the driver apparently fell asleep at the wheel. Don't even get me started on tractor trailor drivers. Anyhow, one girl was transported to the hospital as Laura Van Ryan - her family cared for her as she began to recover from her horrible injuries. Meanwhile, Whitney Cerak's family buried her and mourned her.

But it turns out that the girl that Whitney's family had buried was actually Laura Van Ryan. And the girl lying in the hospital was actually Whitney Cerak.

Can you even imagine?

The jubiliation of one family - the overwhelming grief of another. Part of you wants to be happy, but how can you when life for one family means death for another?

These families have been on my heart for days. Would you pray for them too?