Thursday, May 04, 2006

Little bit much better

A few days late, but here's what I promised. I only chose two from the 6-8 picture series I have of my three-year old's face after her accident. Or as she calls it "When the table hit my face". The first is a few days after the accident - you can see the swelling and the lovely bruising. The second was taken yesterday. Each day it gets better.

She is doing much better. I did have a scare though today when I realized that the lump under her eye socket wasn't going away and a friend mentioned the words "scar tissue" - I was suddenly worried, make that terrified, that she'd have a lumpy face for the rest of her life. But I sent her to the doctor today with my husband and it's a hematoma. It will likely take two-three months to heal but it will go away. I can't tell you how much better I felt after I heard that!! And apparently it's a good thing that her forehead gash is horizontal rather than vertical.

So it's healing nicely. And I am SO thankful!