Thursday, April 20, 2006

Freaky Things

I've been tagged by Robin to fess up about the freaky things I feel compelled to do.

Oh dear. If she only knew who she was asking! My mother has always said I'm neurotic. As someone who has been in the psych field for a number of years, I know that most people have some obsessive things they do, so even though I know I'm not alone...who wants to actually admit it? What the heck.

1 - I don't like my food to touch. I'd rather starve than eat something that's run into other food on my plate. And if something is really runny (like the vegaetables didn't get drained or something), I will sop up the extra with napkins lest it contaminate the rest of my plate. My parents used to tease me about this by buying the plates with compartments.

2 - I eat Crunch Berries in a complicated, too-humiliating-to admit way. Trust me - you don't want the details. Not only will you be bored out of your mind but you will also begin to wonder about the things I'm not confessing to.

3 - Despite the fact that I own dozens of very nice necklaces, I only wear one of them. I'm not superstitious or anything, I just feel weird without it on. The clasp broke a while back and I went without it for a bit and finally couldn't stand it anymore because it was missing from my reflection. I love my necklace!

4 - Clutter Threshold - I have three kids so my house is hardly neat as a pin but I have this undefineable threshold for clutter. When I cross it, that's it, everything must be cleaned - right now! (this usually occurs when I am on deadline for something else - funny how this happens) Instead of cleaning in regular and scheduled doses, I go on cleaning binges. And I will also get tired of the binge right in the middle of it and then leave a project half finished until another cleaning binge strikes me. It's really very sad. My kid's summer clothes are right now in the upstairs hallway, spilling out of the plastic storage containers - victims of a recent bout with a cleaning binge that ended before the project actually got finished.

5 - I actually could have come up with six things that are all about food - I have so many issues with food it's scary. I am on "On-the-side" kind of girl. Remember Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally? Well, I'm not quite that bad, but I do ask a lot of questions about the food if it's not something I'm used to(Imitation crab meat, mushrooms, nuts of any kind, sauces, certain spices, the list of banned foods go on and on...) Hence, I tend to stick with what I know and rarely order anything unusual. Case in point. I went to this crepe restaurant in Santa Cruz. The concept intrigued me and I went in there all gung-ho to be adventurous. It just goes to show that my neurotic tendencies are a lot stronger than my desire for adventure. The fact that I ate any of it all shows that I tried, I mean - it was all mixed up inside of there together! I picked at it and pushed it around, but couldn't bring myself to eat more than a few bites. The fact that it was a $14 meal didn't bother me. There was no way I could eat that thing.

And so, to protect my feeble reputation I will stop there and let you think that I am a normal adult in every other way.

Yeah. Right.

Anyone else in the mood to admit to your own freaky nature?