Friday, May 04, 2007

The Decision!

So after going back and forth about what we will do to celebrate our 12th anniversary, we've made a decision.

We're going on a weekend kayaking trip!

I stumbled across a calendar of events that listed a two-day Beginner kayaking course and since it's on the James River in Richmond, it's nice and close. The first day is spent on a lake where you learn to row, and escape and all the essentials. The second-day is a trip down the river. It's not a raging river, mostly Class 2 and 3 rapids I believe, but being new to it that's just fine for us.

Over the years, My hubby and I have gone:

whitewater rafting multiple times
scuba diving

but we've never tried kayaking and we're looking forward to it. I love that he is up for any kind of adventure. And being the kind of girl I am, I just love trying new things.

Yeah, we could have picked out a weekend spa trip or hanging around the beach for the weekend, but I happen to think this sounds like way more fun!

So - what will you learn to do this summer?