Wednesday, April 18, 2007

American Idol

I've really been enjoying American Idol this season. There is some amazing talent represented each week and with so many great contestants, I am watching each and every week.

I'm also voting this year because unlike other years, I am concerned that the best may not win. The Sanjaya effect is keeping him on week after week. Despite some of the reports, Sanjaya is not as horrible as everyone claims. He actually has quite a good tone to his voice, if you like that Michael Jackson-like voice. The problem is that when you compare him to some of the others up there, well, he just doesn't measure up. I would chalk it up to his age except if you look at Jordin Sparks, well, she blew me away last night; not only with her amazing vocals, but with her maturity on stage. She's only seventeen, too.

My understanding is that Howard Stern and other websites are pushing people to "vote for the worst". How sad. I realize that there are probably legions of 11 and 12 year old girls legitimately voting for him, but why do people feel compelled to undermine the show? I mean, if you don't like it - don't watch it! Whether or not you like the show, you can't deny that the appeal of a show that can take a single mother who works as a bank teller and make her a household name - that's pretty powerful stuff. It's making dreams come true. It's giving people a chance who would typically have no chance. Why undermine that? Because you don't like the marketing? The hype? Simon? Again, don't watch it. But why would people hurt someone else's dream to make a point?

It upsets me. And so I vote, every week, for my top four favorites.

Jordin (who was amazing last night)

Melinda (also amazing)

LaKisha (not as amazing last night but the girl's got serious pipes!)

Blake (whose album I'd buy in a heartbeat)

So, who's your favorite?