Thursday, April 12, 2007

Oops I did it again

A few weeks ago I went to PetSmart with my kids. My husband was at home sleeping because he had worked an overnight shift at the hospital.

I let them talk me into adopting a puppy. Her name was Bella. I say "was" because we only kept her four days. She was very sweet but very rambunctious and she couldn't seem to leave the cats alone. Everytime they came within eye sight she took off after them. It was all in good fun - she wasn't trying to hurt them, but still.

There were a lot of issues that made me realize my mistake early on.

I can be impulsive at times, and that impulsivity has gotten me in trouble more than once. I'm the kind of person who has to force myself to stop and think before I act. But being aware of that is half the battle. The dog wasn't such a big deal because the adoption policy allowed us seven days to "try it out". I knew before I left that we could bring her back if it didn't work out. But for other things, my hubby and I have an agreement. We talk about things. Seems pretty simple but in his counseling practice, he finds that an awful lot of couples don't talk to each other. At least not about anything important.

Jeff's caution balances my impulsiveness. And vice versa. It's a good system. And as long as I don't go to PetSmart unsupervised anymore, we should be good.