Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Only Me

I had a memorable time at the ACFW conference (I'll spend the next few days filling ya'll in!)

But the picture at the right is how I went home on Sunday afternoon. That's Trish Perry tying my shoe! I am apparently incapable of wearing heels - I knew those things would kill me one day. Well, I'm not dead, but my knees are in pretty rough shape.

I went out to dinner the last night of the conference - my last night of freedom, and I suppose, in trying to be ultra cool, the nightclub had an uneven stone floor that looked very "natural". Which I naturally fell down on in a spectacularly embarrassing way. I blame the heels.

Fortunately for me, not one of the fifteen some people I was with actually saw the horrible, awkward moment (unless they're too horrified to admit they saw it.)

But let me just assure you it was bad. Really, really bad. It's just not good when your limbs go in all different directions and you land full-force on your knees, with nothing to break your fall. On a stone floor.

Everyone was having a grand old time, dancing, listening to some great music - blissfully (and thankfully!) unaware of my awkward moment:-)

I pretended to be fine and only admitted the fiasco to a couple of dear people and we went back to the hotel.

I had a terrible night sleep because every time I shifted in bed, I woke up from the shooting pain in my legs. And in the morning, I couldn't bend my left leg at all. My roommate, Ginny Smith promptly got on the phone and called Ronda Wells, who besides being a writer also happens to be a physician. She came up and took a look at my knees and told me I should go to the emergency room to get x-rays, but that I could wait until I got home. I iced them, popped ibuprofen like candy and made it through the morning. The airport was another situation. Suzanne Krein and Trish Perry were both flying home on the same airplane so when we got to the airport they plopped me into a wheelchair so I didn't have to hobble around. But because of that stupid wheelchair, I suppose the security people thought I was a national threat and put me through the ultra-search - unpleasant enough when your legs aren't killing you, but even less pleasant when you can barely stand.

I made it home and my dear hubby took me straight to the ER where they informed me there were no fractures, just bone bruises and to only move them as I can tolerate. They are definitely improving already. Though while I was in the ER they learned I was out of date on my tetnus shot, which they gave me, making my arm hurt worse than even my knees. Seriously. Aren't they supposed to minimize pain?

So that's the update on the "knee thing" for those of you who saw me hobbling around Sunday morning. What a way to end the conference, huh?