Monday, November 12, 2007

Behind the Nano Ball

I'm once again participating in National Novel Writing Month. It's that crazy month where thousands of writers decide to write like maniacs allowing their laundry to pile up and live on pre-packaged meals in order to get a novel written in one month.

It's madness I tell you. And I totally love it.

Of course, my well-laid plans went arwy almost immediately as my eldest daughter has been finishing up the last four shows of their production of the musical Annie with the Christian Youth Theater. That means I spent the bulk of my last five days in a high school hallway with about eighty kids. Not exactly conducive to mad writing.

So I got back on the Nano wagon this morning armed with Diet Coke and chocolate. Today's word count completed along with a bit extra to catch up. Hopefully, if I meet my word count AND write extra for a week, perhaps I can still catch up.

The weird thing is (though it shouldn't be weird since it always happens this way), is that this story is already taking me in unexpected directions and there have been a few surprising revelations from characters that I once thought I had control of.


The strange and wonderful life of a writer.

Now, off to make dinner for the kids because even though it's National Novel Writing Month, the kids still need to eat...