Saturday, December 26, 2009

30 Day Shred (AKA Pumpkin Pie Payback)

Today was Day 4 /Level 1 for me - I confess that I skipped Christmas Day. Not really because it was Christmas, but because I had a migraine on Christmas Eve. (Yeah, a pretty rotten time to get a migraine). I was feeling better on Christmas Day but my head was still hurting and bouncing was not in the forecast.

So today was especially hard. Partially because of the junk I ate (like the aforementioned pumpkin pie) but also because like anything, getting back to it after a day off is just a challenge.

Most of the battle is really mental.

So what I've noticed:
- endurance getting marginally better
- push-ups are still cheaty and girly but better than what I did the first day (gotta take the small victories)
- a few things I still struggle to do every rep (lat raises with the side squats, and squats with press), but a few others that I probably need to use a heavier weight (chest flies) or can do extra reps (abs).

But I'm kind of surprised that I'm already feeling a little hopeless about it having any real effect on anything. Four days in and the emotional battle is on. But just as with our walks with God - we can't rely on feelings. I need to focus on what is true - God asked me to do this. That's pretty much all that should ever matter. The results - I can't control those - so I have to leave them in His hands.

A few things that are true:
I feel better when I exercise
I feel stronger when I exercise
I eat better when I'm exercising
I drink more water when I'm exercising

All of those things are pretty good reasons to keep pressing through. No matter how I feel emotionally about it. The Shred - well, I look at as a bit of a jump start. A manageable jump start. One day at a time.