Monday, February 14, 2005

Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day - but probably only because I actually have a valentine now. When I was in high school, my friends and I would wear black to boycott the dreaded holiday that seemed to point it's finger at us and taunt - nobody loves you! And indeed, I felt like that through most of high school. I never had a boyfriend and it always made me feel backwards and very unloved. You see, I didn't know then what I know now - that there is Someone who loves me. Even though God doesn't send us chocolates and roses, He sent something even more valuable to us - His Son. He looked at us wandering around aimless and lost and sent His Son to show us the way home. I am so grateful.

So maybe you won't be getting flowers today, or boxes of chocolates or a fancy dinner. It doesn't matter. You are loved. Say it with me now, I am loved! No one can love you more than God loves you and He longs for you to spend time with Him. It's a very simple concept, but one we easily forget. God loves you.

And for a few of you out there who need to hear it : God doesn't just love you. He likes you too. He thinks you're pretty cool.

And what better valentine could we have?