Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Without A Hitch

My husband surprised me last night with a date night. This is no small feat considering he had to arrange sitting for the three little ones and make reservations. He's a great guy!

We went to see Hitch - and I must admit I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. It was just flat-out funny. Though there was a bit of swearing, there was not as much objectionable content as in most comedies that are coming out these days. Finally, a romantic comedy that is not about bed-hopping, but real relationships. Having the courage to be ourselves and to really care about someone else.

One premise of the movie, which I completely applaud, is that relationships take work. We have to focus on the other person in ways that don't come naturally to our selfish hearts. Hitch merely reminds his male clients to focus on and listen to the woman he cares about. Simple advice, but how many of us are too busy planning what we're going to say next to actually listen to what the other person is saying?

The movie also makes a comment about how some events in our lives become moments that have defined us - like being dumped defines us as being worthless. The concept is very true. many of us have some wound in our past that we've never gotten past. We let it decide who we are instead of us deciding who we are, and to whom we belong. How long will we do that to ourselves? That is the very definition of bondage - something Christ came to set us free from.

(So the next time an old wound starts bleeding again, try taking it the Master Physician.)

All in all, Hitch is a movie worth checking out.