Friday, July 01, 2005


I am a natural planner, as is my husband. Even my six-year old daughter will get up in the morning and immediately say, "What's the plan today?" I guess something about knowing what's ahead gives me comfort and security.

Unfortunately, God doesn't always tell us "the plan". Oh, we get glimpses - often glorious glimpses - but we don't know what our tomorrow's will bring. I think I can get distracted from what God wants me to do today by trying to look too far down the road in front of me. I get weary just looking at it instead of focusing on the step right in front of me.

When we drove to Florida last year with our kids, my husband and I pulled an all-nighter driving back home. It was my turn to drive, and my entire family was asleep. The road seemed to strech out forever. I knew we had almost eight hours left and I began to think "We're never going to make it home." Then God's still small voice whispered, "One mile at a time." I began to watch the mile markers to keep myself awake. And even though they flipped past slowly - I kept passing them. One mile closer to home.

I can get the same way in my daily life. Days that I began to think, "I'm never going to overcome this area of sin." Or, "It's just going to be like this forever." It is then that I need to remember today. All I need to do is deal with today, conquer "right now". I've been feeling overwhelmed with my work projects lately. So much to do that I do nothing. But yesterday I tried it...What do I need to do right now? I felt like I should work on one particular project and it took me several hours. But I stuck with it and now, it's finished, and I feel this tremendous sense of relief. One mile closer to home.

So if something seems to strecth out in front of you endlessly, take a deep breath and just walk the mile in front of you, the one for today.