Sunday, August 28, 2005

Needing a Change?

I think we all get an urge for a change. When I was growing up, I only had so many things at my disposal that I could change so change usually involved moving my furniture around.

I still like to move furniture around. Some of my friends get sudden urges to paint their walls. I have the urge to paint, and I talk about it a lot but I haven't actually gotten around to doing it. Mostly because I have images of my two year old rolling around it. It's not like I can lock her in a room for a day just to satisfy my need for color!

I used to have hair that hung down to my waist, all one length except for my bangs. Two days after I got back from my honeymoon I got it all chopped off. Yes, I'll admit to feelings of horror and few tears as I looked around the chair in the salon, but it felt like I was shedding off part of who I was and embarking on a new adventure.

But even though I describe it as an urge, I don't jump into any change lightly. I tend to think about things for a long time, and one day it seems like I'm just ready to do it. (Though since I don't always share that thought process with my husband he still feels like it's sudden. I've learned to try to broach the issue a little earlier "Honey, I've been thinking about X." Then he has time to mentally prepare.)

So I've been blogging for a while. I wasn't sure I was going to stick with it to be honest. But now that I have, I've decided that I just don't want to look like thousands of other blogs on the net that chose the same free template. It's time for a change I tell you! So I've been working with a designer (hey, I know my limitations!) to come up with a new look for my little corner of the net. Today, we're one step closer.

So stick around...and get ready for a change.

P.S. - This note is for all of you like my husband that like a moment to prepare for change before it actually happens:-)