Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Welcome to the Girls & God Cafe!

Pretty cool, eh?

There's just something about a new look that is invigoratng...and motivating. I hope you all like it too.

I particularly liked this image because one of my most favorite places to talk about God is during "girlfriend time". You know, that time when you can get away from the kids and laundry for a few hours and just refresh.

Chatting in the cyber-cafe is fun too, though I'd still enjoy having the latte by my side.

I also liked the waitress gal leaning over her shoulder and listening because even though it's an eavesdropping kind of thing - don't we want people to perk up their ears when they hear us talking about God? I want to have converstaions that I wouldn't mind someone listening in on. Conversations that glorify God and lift people up. Words that are edifying and encouraging to the hearer. So even if you're just listening in...welcome...I'm glad you're here. And maybe you'll find something here that'll lift your spirits or encourage your heart.

Darlene did a great job, didn't she?? Here's my round of applause...and if you'd like to see her other designs you'll find a link to her site on the sidebar.

But stop back anytime - we're always open:-)