Monday, October 31, 2005

Christians in a Snit

There's nothing like Halloween to send brothers and sisters in Christ into a frenzied argument. A silent one however, since most Christians will just turn to someone else and tell them how appalled they are at the other person's behavior. We're a sad lot sometimes.

A friend of mine told me in the strictest of confidence (what? you don't know who she is:-) that she was taking her daughter trick-or-treating tonight. Horror of horrors.

Our church will have a "Hallejuah" party tonight with moon bounces and candy.

I know other people that don't do anything at all and I suppose they just ignore all the knocks on the door.

I don't really like Halloween. It reminds me too much of my days in witchcraft and if it were just me, I'd probably just ignore the whole thing. But you can't just ignore it when you have kids. Normally, we go to church but I've never let the kids dress up - until this year.

This year, my oldest wants to be Lizzie McGuire - and well, we caved. So now I'll have a Lizzie, a butterfly and a little pink Boobah with me as we head over for pizza and candy.

Life is short and God is after our hearts. I'm not sure it's going to matter that much what we chose to do on Halloween when we stand before him because I'm certain He'll be looking deep inside to see who and what we really loved. My kids dress up all the time in the house - it's just fun for them, and I know their costumes will stay out long into the winter. The key for me has always been to check with God about all things. We have to do what we feel God calling us to do, no matter what our neighbors say, or our friends or our parents. I don't feel comfortable, personally, with the trick or treating but I don't condemn my friend for choosing to do it. The costumes - when it was our choice we didn't bother, but now that the kids are older and want to do it, it seemed like it was okay. This year anyway, next year, we'll pray about it again and see if it's still okay.

So however you choose to spend this evening, remember that God - well, He's just King of it all.