Saturday, August 26, 2006


I feel like all I've been doing is coughing! After over a week of not sleeping and spending most of my waking hours eating coughdrops and drinking Robitussin like a crazy woman, I finally gave in and went to the doctor. The brilliant diagnosis?

"It's probably allergies. Take some Claritin."

I've had allergies, all sorts, all of my life, and I've never ever had a cough like this. I was actually hoping for some sort of diagnosis that I could take some medicine and be all better right away.

Didn't happen.

Last night, after two days of taking Claritin and Flonase and some horse pill of a cough suppressant, I got at least a little bit of sleep. Which is the only reason I've made it to my computer.

A cough is not such an easy thing to deal with. I can't really talk - because it makes me cough. If I move around too much...well, it must make me breathe more so that leads to more coughing.

I've actually pulled a muscle in my neck from coughing.

No fun at all.

So I'm trying to get back to my life slowly but surely. School started this week so life happens whether you're feeling up to it or not, doesn't it? And the kids back to school ushers in a new wave of uncertainty for me.

Still no contracts.

I realize that the publishing world is a little slower in the summer. But still. Not knowing. Wondering. It all takes a toll on the "hope factor".

Right now though, I'd probably be thrilled with just a decent night's sleep.

Here's to perspective:-)