Monday, July 31, 2006

Water Babies

We joined a swim club this summer. I didn't really understand this whole swim club thing to be honest. If they existed while I was growing up I didn't know about them. I think we belonged to a country club once but I don't remember going. So this whole "pay money to join a club and use the pool" thing is new to me.

But I am so glad we did.

I first heard about these swim clubs at an aerobics class. It's amazing how much women share in a room where they bounce around and sweat like pigs. I discovered a lot of things in that aerobics class, but learning that most swim clubs have a two-year waiting list was very valuable information. I located one near my house, verified that it had a baby pool in a reasonable proximity to the "big" pool and put my name on the waiting list. One year later we're in and we've spent a good deal of the summer in the pool.

There is something so calming about being in the water. Even though I've been a little - okay, fine - a lot stressed out this summer, I don't seem to be taking it out on my body like I usually do. Instead of knots in my shoulders, my muscles are relaxed and instead of feeling crabby and cooped up, I've been out in the sun.

It's been good for me. And that's why I know I need my mental state to catch up with my physical state. I am more aware of my mental anxiety simply because I don't have any physical anxiety.

My biggest battles have always been inside my own head. I'm reading this very interesting book right now called "Thin Within". And I'm learning a lot about the difficulties your mental state can throw on the rest of your life.

Being aware of it is only part of the problem though. God is trying to work something deep within the soil of my heart and even though I keep digging it up - I really do want to learn it. The wter has helped me listen more deeply than sitting at home in the air conditioning. I can't explain why, but it's definitely been true.

And all of that from the swim club:-) Money well spent. (And I didn't even mention how my kids have slept like rocks this summer:-)