Thursday, July 06, 2006

Off to Denver

Well, I'll be flying out to Denver to attend the International Christian Retail Show this weekend.

I'm a little nervous.

Last year I got a little - loopy - from the altitude. I wasn't always a Christian and well, before I met God, I even drank a little. Okay, sometimes a lot. Well, that's all I have to compare my experience to Denver to - my old drinking days. I felt tipsy. And you know that internal moniter that keeps you from saying whatever pops into your head - yeah - well that thing wasn't working at all.

I was standing there talking to people and I knew I should stop talking, but it was like I was unable to do anything about the babbling that was coming from my mouth. The whole time I was there I either felt sick, manic, or I was embarrased about what I might have said while I was being manic.

And though I tend to be a rather straightforward person, I was just a little too honest a couple of times. I think. I mean I can't know for sure since the entire trip was a bit of a blur.

So I'm not anxious to go back. Even though I've got a new book this year. Even though I have to try to convince bookstore owners to put my books on their shelves.

But I am bringing my husband this year and he has promised me that if I start acting bizarre or loopy that he will whisk me away and dose me with drugs. The only thing that worked last year was aspirin - go figure. Everyone just kept telling me to drink water. Trust me, it wasn't possible for me to drink any more water than I already was and still I felt sick and kind of stupid.

So if you think about me - pray I don't say anything crazy to someone who could end my (practically nonexistant) career.