Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Movie Review: Click

My husband and I finally got out on a date and this movie had me interested. It looked different, and even though I typically loathe anyhting Adam Sandler is in, I was still willing to give it a try.

Oh how I wished I saw Lake House - Terry Whalin gave it a great review.

Click has an interesting premise. What would happen if you had a device that could control your universe? How would you use it?

Well Michael Newman starts to fast-forward through the bits of life that slow him down and is thrilled at first to skip things like traffic and boring family dinners, until the remote takes over. I really liked the message of the movie overall - it's sort of a new twist on an old theme. You get a look at the way your life will turn out if you continue down the path you're on.

But they completely ruined it for me. What could be a great little family film - with a message that even my kids could appreciate - was ruined with the language and the sexual innuendos. Had it actually been an R rated film, I may have been able to forgive it but this was rated PG-13. It was not only the language - and there was a good bit of it, even from the child actors, but it contained multiple scenes which were just in poor taste.

The endearing moments (and there were a few) were ruined by the obnoxious moments (of which there were plenty).

What a shame to take a movie with a great theme and kill it with a cheap counterfeit of humor.

Skip it.