Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Barbie Train

I took my five year old daughter into DC Friday night to see "Barbie: Live in Fairytopia". It was her special treat since my seven year old got to go see a Hillary Duff concert a few months ago (now that was an experience - 50,000 screaming tweenagers - yikes!). Going to see Barbie was a decidedly different experience. As soon as we got off the Metro, there were little girls in pink costumes and fairy wings walking around the streets of DC with moms holding their hands. I had a migraine the night before so I was still feeling kind of crummy on Friday but she wanted me to take her - so I popped a few extra Excedrin and went.

And it was a good show.

I was kind of surprised. It had a good story. The music was enjoyable. And the look on my daughter's face as she watched was priceless.

Coming home we had a thirty minute ride on the Metro to where our car was parked. She was tired so she curled up with her head on my lap and feel asleep. It was so sweet and wonderful.

But something strange happened as I stroked her hair and rode the train. I was able to just think. My life is filled with three little girls and activities and chores and everything else that goes with being a mom. Getting even a few minutes of time where I am not trying to accomplish something is very rare indeed. I couldn't go anywhere, or do anything, I just had to ride the train. So what do I do? I got an idea for a new book series.

Many of you know that I've gotten some rejections lately. And while I know I must trust what God is doing, it has been frustrating to throw projects out there only to get the - "we really like your writing but we don't want this particular project."

So now I have another idea and I've been working this weekend to put together a pitch for this new story.

We'll see what my agent thinks. My husband already loves it, but he's admittedly easy to sell:-)

So off to finish a pitch. (I'm also wondering if I should ride up to DC more often -just so I will be still long enough to get those creative juices flowing. I wonder when Barbie is coming back...)