Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I was driving to pick up my daughter from kindergarten when a migraine swooped in and, well, wrecked my plans yesterday. It wasn't that exciting of a day, really. I just wanted to get the tax stuff together for our fabulous tax guy but migraines for me mean dark rooms and sleep. Computer screens bother my eyes for several days after a migraine.

If you get them - I know you're feeling my pain. There's nothing like a migraine. I'm just so glad I haven't gotten one in a while. When I was pregnant/nursing (over the course of six years) I sometimes would get several a month. That was really bad! Especially since I couldn't use my good drugs and babies won't sit quietly while you flop and moan in pain in the dark.

But now that my "babies" are older, they have actually become helpful. I was able to rest some and while I still don't have my sea legs under me today I will be able to function.

The tax guy can probably wait just a little longer:-)