Saturday, January 13, 2007

Tyra Banks & Me

I just realized, despite my mushy, jet-lagged brain, that I should tell you what's been happening. It's all still a little surreal - like maybe I dreamed it or it happened to someone else. But it all started when I got an e-mail on Thursday afternoon that I thought was a prank.

It wasn't.

It was from "The Tyra Banks Show" and they wanted me to come appear on the program - on Friday (keep in mind it is Thursday afternnon on the East Coast. Well, because I have a super-supportive husband, the show sent a car to my driveway and picked me up within the hour, whisked me to the airport and flew me to LA. Yes, that fast.

It's a fun and crazy story that I want to tell with all my super-dorky tourist photos that I took. And no, I didn't get one with Tyra and me together. I'm going to try and pull a screen shot when they air the episode.

Oh, I didn't mention why they wanted me on did I? Yeah, they were doing a program called "The Lives of Witches" and wanted to "balance" out the program by having another viewpoint. That would be. The token Christian.

It was a really cool experience though - and I will post a full-report as soon as I can think straight enough to download the pics off my camera...

till then...