Saturday, December 30, 2006

You say it's your birthday!

Yup, I am 34 today and I think that officially crosses me over to "mid-thirties" rather than "early thirties". Not sure I like the change. I never liked having a December birthday - all smushed in bewteen Christmas and New Years. People have so many other things on their mind, that my birthday often just gets missed. Well, that and the dreaded Christmas-Birthday gifts that people like to buy for you.

Those of you with late December birthdays will know what I mean. But I guess I've gotten to the point where those things don't matter as much anymore. My family treats me special and I'm going to get my favorite meal in the world tonight! Lobster!

Yes, yes, I know about the Old Testament prohibition about scavengers and all of that so I am especially grateful that Jesus came and declared all things clean. I know it's totally shallow, but I am a seafood girl through and through.

Days like today remind me that God celebrates us, too. We are His prized creation - so important that He sent His Son to rescue us from our own folly. It's not about how pretty, how fast, how smart or how good we are, but simply because we are His. So even if you're not having a birthday today, you can celebrate being His.

Have a great day!