Monday, November 13, 2006

Rosie & Dangerous Christians?

I read this just this morning, a news report about Rosie O'Donnell's comments on the View that aired more than two months ago.

Hmmm, was I under a rock or was this just not talked about very much? Of course, since a majority of our news outfits are liberally slanted, it shouldn't come as a surprise that most skipped right over this lovely little statement from O'Donnell comparing "Radical Christianity" to "Radical Islam".

The Queen of Nice ain't so nice. Unfortunately, she hasn't been for quite some time. But, I think I can understand the side of Christianity she probably sees. The side with the picket signs and the nasty letters and people telling her on the street that she will burn in hell. I bet all of these things and more have happened to her over the years, especially since coming out of the closet. You see, most celebrities probably have very little contact with real Christians. All they see are the picketers and the ones that like to rub everyone's nose in their sin. In their very closed world of celebrity and status, they probably don't get many letters from Christians who care about them. Nope. They get them from mean and hateful people who use the bible to abuse people and masquerade as Christians.

We've all seen these types of people, and yes, I think they are dangerous. Not in the way O'Donnell says, but in a different way. A way that reflects a very poor image of Christ. They turn people against God instead of winning them. I think I get ramped up about this because while most people are upset and shocked by what she said, I start to think about what put that anger there in the first place. Can you just imagine for a moment the way she has likely been treated by "Christians?" I can. That's why she's been on my prayer list for years. (Another friend of mine confessed that she prays regularly for Jennifer Lopez, so I know I'm not the only one who does this!)

That kind of pure anger comes from deep, deep hurt. And we can't lose sight of that fact. My main prayer is that God will put someone in her life that will model true Christianity. The kind of person that loves people, as much as they love God's Word. The kind that is equal parts holiness and mercy. So while Rosie may have said something awful, try to imagine the awful things that have been said to her, and we might be able to extend her a measure of grace.

And Rosie? I'm still praying for you!