Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sun to rain

On Friday and Saturday we had the two prettiest November days that I could imagine. Seventies, sunny with leaves on the ground. It was beautiful. We went for walks, raked leaves and just breathed in what we knew would be the last sunny days before winter officially wrapped us up for a few months.

Then, instead of a nice gradual change, we woke this morning to rain, cold and windy, the kind that pelts your face and makes you want to wrap your hands around a cup of coffee and stay inside.

Our lives are just like this aren't they, both the sun and the rain, the good and the bad? I find that paradox all over my life lately. A few good days will be followed by a whopper.

And frankly, I've had a few too many whoppers lately. Enough that I wonder when there will be good news. When things will begin to turn from this spot we've been stuck in for so long.

But knowing God, choosing to trust Him, means that I must wait expectantly for those sunny days to come. The spring always comes after the winter. The sun always comes up in the morning after a long night. And I have to trust that God will glorify Himself in the midst of all this. That He has a plan unfolding during the night that we are simply unable to see.

So if you have traveled a long and weary night, then know that the sun will come up, and a new day will dawn. It's just a metter of God's timing - and trusting that God truly does have our best interests at heart.