Saturday, November 04, 2006

Barna and revolutionaries

Interesting article.

I love discussions like this, from other people who are interested in church being something more than what it tends to be.

People who imagine what the church could be,
What it might be,
if we really look at what it means to be a family
to love each other
and be devoted to one another

Can you imagine what that would be like? What the impact on the world would be?

If you look at my last post you will see that I am one of those that have been "hurt by the church". I know my experience is pretty usual. Nothing out of the ordinary. But what should our response be?

Well, I'm going to choose to walk in love, to forgive, to not get offended. None of that is as easy at it sounds but I am committed to doing it that way because that is what Jesus asks of us. Of me.

But beyond that - I am not interested in leaving my church in some sort of huff (though you better believe the thought crossed my mind!) No, I honestly think that is part of the problem of the church today. Instead of being completely committed, we are only committed to church as long as the church is behaving the way we'd like. And since the church is comprised of fallen people, well, the church messes up. Sometimes royally. And too often we just leave, instead of staying committed anyway. Of loving anyway. You know, kind of like the way Jesus loves us.

See. I have this crazy idea that the church is supposed to be a family. Except for those of you who are in perfect families, most of you know that families mess up, they fight, they argue and they hurt one another. But when it happens, you're still stuck together because you're family. Yeah, you can not talk to them, you can move away, but no amount of denouncing them changes the fact that you will forever be linked.

We cannot walk out on our family of God either because whether you like it or not most of them will show up in eternity. Not to eternally irritate you, but because they too have believed God's word and exchanged death for life. You are forever linked because of the blood of Christ.

Wahoo, right? Yeah, I know.

But this idea of being someone who wants real faith to be lived out in real life, well, that's my kind of discussion.

So here's to being revolutionary...