Monday, October 16, 2006

What I'm watching...

So I need to have a little fun today.

Stick It
Totally awesome gymnastics movie. Let's put it this way. I bought it on the release day. It was different and funny and had a great story. What more could you ask for? And it used a great anti-hero model since instead of the gymnast striving to win the Olympics, like countless TV movies of days gone by. Here we have a gymnast that doesn't want anything to do with the sport. The results are great!

Okay- anyone seen any good ones lately, because I can't think of anything else I've really liked. On my too-see list -

Marie Antoinette
Man of the Year (I can't help it - I love Robin Williams)
One Night with the King (Oh Lord, please, please, please, don't let it suck!)

I have to admit I was a little concerned with how they were going to pull off another stunner. But they did. The "Others" are not castaways. They are there by choice. But why? Another great season so far.

I like this new show. Even though it hasn't aired for a while because of some sport thing that I could care less about (Sorry Kathleen!) I love the banter and at the same time, the hostage negotiator theme is interesting. But it really is the relationship between the two negotiators that makes this show worth watching.

Gilmore Girls
I am a few weeks behind as I just got the season premiere. I'm too upset to talk about it really.

Other shows on my Tivo:

CSI (love this season)
CSI:Miami (Not loving this right now)
Ghost Whisperer (So sad that Aisha is gone - still waiting to see what they'll do)
Close to Home (Why did they have to kill her husband? They can't handle a happy couple?)
Heroes (Only seen one...)
Project Runway

Reality TV

The Amazing Race 10
is back!! The real thing. Not driving through Kansas, but running around in Mongolia with yak or oxen or some other such beast. It's a great show and I'm rooting for the Cho brothers right now. I want to like the Alabama friends because they talk about God, but they are only nice to a couple of the teams and rude to the others so I'm not sure what's up with that. I SO want to go on this race.

I am not ashamed! I love this show. It's a very young cast, which is kind of disappointing because many of them are just sort of non-descript young people. Other than Cai Boi (yes, that would be Cowboy) who is just plain bizarre and Jonathan (who sounds exactly like Alan Alda!), the Hollywood writer!!!, most everyone else is young. Oh well, it's still great to see how the social dynamics of the game will work out. This is the most diverse cast ever, what with the "race thing", but it really hasn't been an issue as far as I can tell.

So. What's on your Tivo?

(And yes - I love watching TV and movies. So shoot me. It's only about an hour a night - which is why I am already three weeks behind on some shows)