Friday, September 08, 2006

Blogger is eating my posts!!!

So I spend half an hour writing a post yesterday that included links and photos and, if I may say so myself, profoundly intelligent thoughts. (Okay. That part may be an exaggeration. But seriously - what a pain. I press "post" and poof. The Blogger monster eats it.

And I have this thing about wasting time to re-do something i just did. So now you get this post instead of my musings about what it must be like to be held prisoner in a basement by some guy in Austria. Here's the story.

And the new fall season has almost begun. Well, Fox has rolled out it's new shows. My thoughts so far:

Vanished - not bad but also not great. It's kind of average in it's mystery and as a serialized drama you better hook your viewers better than that. I bet it won't make it. It only stays on my tivo till the new stuff comes out.

Standoff - love this one. I love the interaction between the two main characters. I find hostage negotiation fascinating. This one's a keeper.

Justice - I had to try this one because Daddy spy Jack Bristow is in it. I'm still a little thrown off by him smiling in it (though it's a snarky smile, not a real one) but I'm not sure Jack Bristow ever smiled on Alias so it's a little weird. I like this one. It's fast-paced, but easy to follow and the hook is that they show you at the end what really happened. Pretty cool - this is one that i think I'd watch occasionally though - I don't feel compelled, and that might hurt it's viewers...