Monday, September 04, 2006

Crikey - he's gone.

I knew my post was today so I went to bed last night with ideas rolling around in my head. Then, I woke up this morning and learned that The Crocidle Hunter himself - Steve Irwin - had died.

And that made me so sad.

Maybe it was his full-of-life personality, or the fact that he has two young kids, or that tragedy can strike in the most unexpected places. I'm not sure. But after my initial shock, I started to wonder if he knew God.

You see, in that quick, unexpected death, there probably wasn't a lot of time for much thought about eternity. Many people hardly ever consider eternity until death strikes close to home. But eternity is on the line - for everyone - even Steve Irwin.

I wonder if anyone took the time to share Jesus Christ with him.

I wonder if anyone ever talked with him about the One who created the amazing creatures he loved so much.

I wonder where he is tonight.

We can sometimes forget how much is at stake as we go about our daily lives. I call it the "urgency factor". Things like death and tragedy can make us feel more urgent about sharing the gospel with those around us. We get a big nudge that people's lives are at stake and that maybe it doesn't matter whether we are rejected for it or not. We become more willing to put our faith out there.

But we really and truly need to be willing to put our faith out there all the time. Are we talking to those around us about our faith? Are we able to give a reason for our hope?

Or are we so quiet about our faith that those around us don't even notice what we believe? If we are supposed to be salt and light, we are salt and light all the time - not just when we're feeling urgent.

I hope someone who loved God was around Steve. I hope he knew. And I pray that people of faith will speak comfort and love to his wife and children. May God surround them with His presence.