Monday, September 18, 2006


I don't think you can overrate revelation from God too much. It's pretty cool when he steps in while you're having a crisis and clearly shows you that you've completely gone off the deep end.

Which I had.

So what have I learned since I've been away from my computer? (Totally not my fault by the way since I'm trying to move from an old computer to a new computer - which is a lot more hassle than it sounds like.

1. Having more babies will not solve any other crisis you are currently going through. It will actually only add to your crisis. No, I'm not pregnant but I did just recover from a weekend of insanity where I thought I should just keep having babies rather than keep writing.

2. Fear sucks. Excuse the word but well, it fits. Fear can keep you paralyzed, afraid to make any decision so you wander around in small circles so you don't stray too far from the familiar.

3. Decisions are necessary. And when we don't make decisions - it is because of #2.

4. Planning isn't evil. I guess I had this funky idea that planning is a me-thing and that if I did it, I would be relying on myself rather than God. While that is possible to do - planning in conjunction with God isn't evil - it's flat out necessary. Do we think that He has a plan for our lives but no plan on how to get there? Exactly.

5. Whining about stuff doesn't do any good. Getting serious about the planning, making decisions and overcoming fear with God's help - well, those things can be great. I have no desire to enact "my" plan. I want to know God's plan. And I've decided not to be afraid of finding out what that is.

So this is all new to me, but as life with God is apt to be, it's a grand adventure all the same.

Kind of like when you're on a big roller coaster and you're having fun but you're also hoping you don't pee your pants at the same time.