Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The 700 club in my house...

went pretty well I think. Of course, I have no desire to actually watch the interview. I know that's bad but I have enough body image issues thankyouverymuch to try and avoid myself on camera whenever possible.

Getting ready for the interview was interesting. Who knew it would take that long to set up two cameras? But first they had to decide the angle and ultimately decided on an angle that would include part of my kitchen, the one room on the main floor that was not exactly clutter free. So I had to hide the clutter, move the decorations and they had to tape the windows and set everything up.

My puppy was a major problem. He wanted everyone to love on him and after he nearly knocked over the light box we decided he had to go outside. Well separating a puppy from people that he can see isn't helpful. He whined and scratched at the door. So we put him in a basement room and he banged on the door so hard the upstairs shook. So we used his leash to corral him away from the door and he chewed through the leash.

Finally, we put him in the van outside where we couldn't hear a peep. One random phone call, the cat pulling down the decorations and the icemaker dropping ice added to the noise they had to deal with. Apparently those microphones are very sensitive. But despite all of that I got a chance to share my story and God was right there, let me tell you. A couple of times the interviewer was happy about the way I described something but I honestly didn't think about it beforehand. It was almost like God was feeding me the right way to put it.

It was amazing and I'm blessed to have had the opportunity to really give God some very public thanks for saving me. Going through old photos for them to use reminded me of all that old stuff and what could have happened to me if God had not intervened.

Thank you God, for rescuing me!

So I'll let you know when it airs but right now it looks like it's going to air on Thanksgiving Day. I think I'll just Tivo it;-)

(Read the article that started it all: Confessions of a Teenage Witch)