Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

A new year! A fabulous new you! Isn't it funny how (most) people look at the new year as a fresh start - when all that's really changed is the date? I'm not a big resolution maker but even I couldn't help making some plans about things I want to accomplish this year. The list gets long quick. (especially when I start adding in things like catching up with my scrapbooks!) January 1st isn't some magical day, but the idea of a brand new year helps us to think that we, too, can make a change.

That's sort of what following God is all about. Becoming better than we could be on our own. God can transplant us from one path to another, from one way of being to another. He can grow that good stuff inside of us while helping us to weed out all the nasty stuff that is common to us all.

Perhaps it's because I'm feeling more hopeful this year or perhaps it's because I see God rearranging my life on so many different fronts, but I do feel the urge to make some goals this year. I think goals are a little different for me than resolutions. Resolutions means I'm going to try to do (or not do) something this year. But I really want to accomplish something. To look back at the end of the year and be able to see some sort of tangible difference.

So I am dividing my goals into Physical and Spiritual - two areas that I feel like God is challenging me to go deeper in.

First - the spiritual. I want to read through the Bible this year. From beginning to end. I have started this a few times but always get bogged down somewhere in the "not so fascinating parts" - sorry Lord, but it's true.

Second - the physical. I actually started this goal a month ago. I don't remember a time in my life when I didn't struggle with my weight. It's been a life long chain wrapped around me. I've tried to get free from it, but then I would end up feeling wrapped up even tighter - because I kept failing. Over and over, again and again. I always learned something - about myself, about the way I looked at the world, the way I thought about things. But all my random understanding didn't seem to add up to real change. And I want real change. Transformation. While I know that God's love for me is not based on what I look like, I also am painfully aware that my outside is a reflection of who I am inside. It's just like a book. Those of us who are authors know how important a cover is. The cover has to reflect the story that is contained inside. Otherwise you could end up with an edgy suspense story wrapped inside a prairie romance cover. It wouldn't work for a book and it doesn't work for me. So, in part anyway, my goal is less about weight, and more about reflecting Christ who resides within me.

And the second part of the goal is about health. Again, it's not about the weight, but about not being a slave to anything (including Krispy Kreme donuts or white mochas) except God Himself. It's also about being fit. I don't think I've ever been fit - ever. (Remind me someday to tell you my college soccer story). God created us to have these absolutely amazing bodies and we - I mean I - don't care for them the way we should. We act like they are cheap rentals instead of luxury sports cars complete with seat warmers. I have three little girls, and frankly, I simply want to be a better role model. I want to show them the benefits (and fun) of being physically fit. Of eating healthy. Of making smart choices. Of honoring God with our bodies.

But I have to do it first. As "mom", I really set the tone not only for myself, but for my whole family. I have the chance to teach them healthy habits so they don't ever get wrapped up in the chains I did. And I've already started.

I almost didn't want to talk about this on the blog, but honestly, it's an issue that many, many girls deal with on a regular basis. Maybe talking about it will be a good thing. For all of us. And if it's about being a girl, and God, well, we'll talk about it!

So here's to 2007. May it be a wonderful year!