Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Digging Deeper - Rahab - Part 2

As I was pondering Rahab's life and what was said in my Bible study this morning, I just knew I needed to blog. You can re-read Joshua 2 if you're interested in Rahab's story (and I hope you are), but now also take a look at Matthew 1 - Read the whole thing and then go back to verse 5. Did you see that? Rahab, a former prostitute, is listed in the geneology of the Son of God! What a transformation! We marvel at where she got because of where she came from, however, little do we realize that the same Spirit that transformed Rahab, is present within each one of us who have made Christ our own. An act of faith - protecting the Israelite spies from the King, made it possible for her to go from Prostitute, to becoming part of Israel (Josh 6:22-25), to becoming a wife (to Salmon) and a mother (to Boaz - now that's a great story we don't have time for today) to being listed in the geneology of Christ. How cool is that?

The thing is, Rahab made a hard choice because she believed God was real. She trusted the God of the Israelites more than she trusted everything she knew up until that point. She heard of God's fame and believed. And it made all the difference. Robert Frost talks about two roads diverging in a wood - and choosing the lesser-traveled road. We have a choice to make, too, each and every day. Will we trust God more than we trust our own wisdom and desires? Will we follow after God even if it's not very popular? Will we move towards our promised land, or wander around in the wilderness - accepting a shadow instead of the real thing?

The most extraordinary thing to ponder about Rahab's life is the fact that she could have missed out on all of it. If she had succumbed to fear or doubt, she might have missed the blessings God had for her. God's plan for our lives doesn't happen by default. We don't just float along and randomly fall into it. We will only reach our Promised Land if we follow the Promiser, each and every step of the way, each and every day. What if we have made mistakes, fallen or failed? God is all about redemption. And He is willing to take the things that the enemy meant for your destruction, and turn it into good. It's never too late to get on the right road. It's a simple choice, maybe not an easy one, but simple all the same. Rahab made the choice to trust God and it completely changed her life. What is God asking you to do today? Watch out. It just might change your life. And that's exactly what some of us desperately need.