Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Dedicated Line

So the Adelphia repairmen came today - a twin set of them actually and they tell me that I need a dedicated line for my PowerLink and I will need to add another cable outlet if I want to have actual cable on the second floor of my house. Apparently splitting the line does not provide enough power to my modem.

And this got me thinking.

How often do I "split the line" to my power source? In my effort to multi-task and accomplish all that I have before me, I am often guilty of multi-tasking my relationship with God. There is nothing wrong with praying while I'm carpooling my kids or singing praise songs while I'm folding laundry (nice example but I'm usually trying to keep my two-year old from unfolding the laundry instead). God wants to be included in my everyday life and my relationship with Him is ongoing no matter what I'm doing.

But I am in need of a "dedicated line". Without it, I'm not truly plugged into His strength. I think we could all use some time where we are focused completely on Him - our hearts wide open to receive His grace, strength and power to live our lives in a way that will glorify Him. Maybe that's why I feel like I'm always running on a half tank.

But revelation is only half of the solution - now I need to do what I'm hearing Him whisper.

I think I'm going to go install a dedicated line of my own - my own time, my own place - to focus on Him. I already know He's worth it.