Thursday, March 24, 2005

Live For Today

The Today show had a segment called "Live for Today". The idea is to think about what you would like to do before you die. And then do it. My ears perked up when I heard that because I have always been one to try to live my life without regrets. And for the most part I do. Most of the things that I would do, I simply can't do because I'm not independently wealthy and face it, lots of things cost money.

I need to spend some more time thinking about it, but the first thing I thought of today that I want to do is this: I want to go to Israel. I want to see the places where Jesus walked, see the sky from the same place He did. I want to see the all of the sites that they probably have turned into tourist traps. What's stopping me? Money, mostly. Otherwise I'd go. I know it's not the safest place in the world to go, but something about that place draws my soul. I can't help it. Now I wouldn't drag my young kids there or anything, but one day, I'd like to see it for myself.

Many of the other things on my list have to do with traveling as well. I want to see the Parthenon and the Great Wall of China, the Great Barrier Reef and the Grand Canyon. To be fair I actually did get a glimpse of the Grand Canyon as the sun was setting one night, but there was no where to camp and we had to drive out of there to find a place to sleep. So that glimpse was all I got.

My ten year anniversary is one month away. We had all these lovely grand plans to take a cruise or a short vacation, just the two of us - go somewhere together that we've never been. And that is no small feat with three young kids. But alas, there is no money to go anywhere. But we'll still spend it together - and that's what really counts. But it's nice to dream...

And so what would be on your list? Parachuting (yes, I'd like to do that), bungee jumping (no, thank you, I like my neck and spine the way it is), or going into space (that seems to be what a lot of guys want to do - I really don't have that much interest in it myself)? Or some other adventure. Can you go ahead and do it?

Now, if Ed McMahon would just knock on my door...