Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Racing to Argentina

Well, last night's episode of Amazing Race showed how getting lost can totally mess everything up. The teams left from Santiago Chile and had to drive through the Andes Mountians. Debbie and Bianca neglected to realize, for nearly two and a half hours, that they weren't driving through the mountains and Susan and Patrick couldn't even get out of town. At the detour teams had to choose whether to paddle a seven mile course down a river, or pedal a bike down a seven mile course. Lynn and Alex were way too excited about beating Rob and Amber on the river - who cares? As long as you're not last it doesn't mean a thing. (And at the pit stop I thought their little demonstration of their paddling was a little too "high school musical") And I'm less than thrilled about Amber's explaination for how she kept rowing even though she was tired - "Keep rowing, you're burning fat calories, I have to fit in a wedding dress." Well those of us who aren't and will never be Amber's size let's just say it was annoying.

And now we've had a gross-out roadblock. Teams had to eat 4 lbs of cow parts - which included intestines, brain and something about a saliva gland. I really didn't even want to listen. But in a stealth move, Rob quit eating and took a penalty and convinced Ray and Deanna and Meredith and Gretchen to do the same. Uchenna wolfed down that nasty stuff and on the way to the pit stop Joyce asks him, "Do you want a mint?" In the end it was Debbie and Bianca who were eliminated simply because they didn't eat faster than Patrick - and because they got so lost at the beginning of the leg. It's a shame, I was actually hoping that the mother/son team would go after their little tiff over the cow parts.

For the record, I probably would have paddled the river and let my husband do the nasty eating. It's always been one of those things that I knew would sink me in a race like that - I don't eat gross stuff. Not even for money. If you haven't given the Amazing Race a try you can still catch up. I never knew the Andes were so beautiful.