Monday, March 14, 2005

Joan says No!

I've been Tivo'ing Joan of Arcadia the last several weeks and have been enjying catching up the last few nights. I think I'm still a couple weeks behind but I was so thrilled to see Joan say no when she and Adam had the opportunity to have sex. It was a good episode because even though Joan disobeyed her parents she confessed about what happened - a great example to teens out there. It's sad when I'm this thrilled about a character saying no because frankly, it doesn't happen very often. Even Rory on the Gilmore Girls is trying to be more sexually active (once she did it once, she showed she was willing to do it again when the next guy came along).

It was also interesting to note how Adam went about trying to convice Joan to have sex with him. He presented sex as "the next logical step" in their relationship and pointed out how long they've been going out. Joan also felt bad for upsetting Adam but fortunately did not give in and stood her ground.

So I applaud all those girls out there who are choosing virtue rather than logic and are willing to be different. It's a lot harder than it looks.