Monday, February 28, 2005

Questions for Oscar

Yeah, whatever. That's kind of how I felt about the Oscars. I wasn't excited about a majority of the films nominated so we Tivo'd it and fastforwarded through the stuff we didn't care about.

So here are some thoughts about the event, in no particular order...

1. Was Dustin Hoffman drunk?
2. Who were those abnormally large men who brought in the suitcases? Yikes! (or perhaps it is Chris Rock who is abnormally small??)
3. Is Hilary Swank really from a trailor park?
4. Why were there so many empty seats?
5. What exactly was holding up that hair on Counting Crow's lead singer? It deserved a visual effects nod.
6. Could anyone but Prince get away that outfit?
7. Do any women actually work in visual effects or sound mixing?

and the biggest question of the night - were there no other singers in Hollywood except Beyonce? She's lovely and has a great voice but please, give another gal a shot.

I'd talk about the major awards (Million Dollar Baby and The Aviator) except I could really care less about any of them. The funniest part of the evening for me? Chris Rock interviewing random people in a movie theatre - none of which had ever seen the top-nominated films - but they all thought White Chicks was great. Does any more really need to be said?