Saturday, February 26, 2005

What's on my Tivo?

I got a Tivo for Christmas - my sister talked me into it and my mom bought it for my husband and I. I love my Tivo. We had a snafu with it last week and it failed to record a VIP (very important program) for me, but other than that it's been a great addition to our media center.

So here's my Season Pass List, for better or for worse -

1 - 24 - fabulous show, completely hooked
2 - Lost - also fabulous - okay - who else noticed what other survivor was on the television when Sun and Jin were talking in their apartment on this week's episode???
3 - Alias - I'm trying to still be a fan, but it's not as good this year - more on that later...
4 - Amazing Race 7 - to premiere on Tuesday - the best reality show out there...
5 - Joan of Arcadia - a thought-provoking series
6 - Survivor - yes, count them, that's two reality shows - I've watched this one since day one...
7 - Wickedly Perfect - who knew there were this many uses for an apple? (okay, that's three)
8 - ER - I still like this show, but not nearly as committed to it... (we record Without a Trace on the VCR since it's on at the same time)
9 - Apprentice - alright - I'm a reality junkie - so sue me!
10 - Gilmore Girls - a guilty pleasure - love this show...

I'm surprised I waited so long to get one. Like all new technology, I'm a little late on the uptake, and then totally jazzed to have it...

Despite what it looks like, we don't actually get to watch that much TV - which is why we have a backlog of more than 24 hours taped that we haven't watched. But we'll be ready when the summer re-runs start!

Have a great Saturday:-)