Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The New Amazing Race

Only three weeks after the finale of Amazing Race 6, we got to meet the 11 new teams for Race #7 last night on the season premiere. For those of you who haven't watched the best reality show on television, eleven teams of two (who have some sort of relationship with each other going into the show) race around the world. On each leg they have to perform stunts and/or tasks - not random stuff like Fear Factor - but actual tasks that tend to be part of the culture in that particular place. On this first leg for example, one of the choices was to rope two llama's and get them penned up. Sound easy? The tasks involving animals are always risky on this show - cause they're not as easy to control as you'd like to think. My husband and I would have chosen to hike with the 35 pound baskets rather than get slimed by a couple of nasty llama's.

We're just getting to know the teams so I'm not sure who I'll root for, though I was sad to see the hillbillies go - they were kind of cool (and I've heard that they are actually Christians - not sure if it's true). A couple of teams I'd already like to see go - Deana and her on/off boyfriend are a milder (so-far) version of Jonathan and Victoria from the last race. There are a couple of ditzy girl teams (not ditzy meaning stupid though because one of them is impressively bi-lingual), a few married couples, a brother team, a mother-son team, Rob and Amber (from Survivor) and in true Hollywood style, a gay couple from West Hollywood. It should be an interesting journey. I enjoyed seeing Peru - the mountains and the sea were both gorgeous and Phil, the host, seems more relaxed than I've ever seen him.

One interesting twist is that they gave $20,000 in cash to the team that came in first. If they're smart they'll keep that tidbit of information to themselves since in the past, it hasn't mattered a whole lot how fast you get there as long as you weren't last. They used to give away trips - but it never seemed to spur on a real race for first place like I think the cash prizes will. We'll see how it goes.

I'm still trying to get over Kris and Jon not winning from last season. Here's to the good guys!