Friday, December 16, 2005

Randal's Big Boo

As I watched The Apprentice finale last night I am amazed how easy it is to blow the carefully constructed character someone claims to have.

Out of the excesses of the heart, the mouth speaks.

Randal spent the whole season being a generally good guy - supportive, honest and trustworthy. The entire season we all knew that he had a good shot of being hired. Rebeca gave him a run for his money and though she lacks experience she showed an ability to perform under pressure - we can learn a lot of things, but grace under pressure is something you either have or don't have.

So after Randal gets the "You're Hired", Trump asks Randal if he should hire Rebeca too.

And he says no. For the lamest reason possible - that it's called The Apprentice, not The Apprenti - which by the way is not plural of Apprentice - whatever. Here he had a golden opportunity to not only get hired but to give someone a well-deserved shot at a golden job in the Trump organization. And he blew it - big time. Because face it, it was pure selfishness talking - he didn't want to share the glory of the title.

What a shame.

There was so much he could have said and it was obvious how shocked and appaled much of the audience was after Randal's two year old "It's all mine!" tantrum.

He should have shared the win because now we won't remember what a great guy he was through the season - we'll remember his final act of selfishness. Pressure always shows what we're really made of, doesn't it?