Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Snow Day

I remember well getting excited about a possible snow day. A day off school to play outside and then drink hot chocolate. Nothing was better.

But even though I'm older, I found myself looking forward to today - our snow day. The kids were all off school and my husband was able to go in late to work. I watched their cheeks get rosy as the kids trudged up our hill and then slid back down, over and over and over again.

The only trouble with snow days is that I don't feel like doing anything. What I have to work on seems to always be calling to me, never letting me truly rest. The computer is only just upstairs, part of my everyday life and I find myself envying those with offices to go to - those that have a seperation between their work and their life.

I don't sit at the computer all day - far from it - but I'm up here off and on all day so in some ways it "feels" like I'm always here. Even now as I write this, two of my children are in the room. I am rarely ever alone. I don't know if being alone would make me more productive or not, but I can't help but wonder how I can change things so that I can get more accomplished.

So while I love snow days, they make me want to hang out and do nothing. And with a deadline fast approaching. I can't really afford such luxuries...

So snow day or not...I've got to get back to work:-)