Thursday, January 19, 2006

Back it up, baby!

For a long time I never backed up my computer system. It's not that I like living on the edge like that - it's just I felt like I didn't really understand how to backup or what to do with it. But lately, I've been reading a lot of messages about viruses and back-ups and computers crashing. I started feeling that little push from the Holy Spirit to do something about it.

Oh I am hemed, and I hawed about it. Quite a bit. Tried to convince myself that that would never happen to MY computer. So much for invincibility.

I went to Best Buy and stood in front of racks of incomprehensible equipment until, near tears, a blue-shirted teenager asked me if I needed help.

Was he kidding? Could I bring him home with me without being arrested?

He calmly showed me what I would probably need. (He told me I probably only needed the 100 gb one but bigger is better right? I went with the 200 gb one.) It's a Maxtor One Touch External hard drive. I plug it into my USB and hit a button and it backs up my computer - I hope, I mean, this is the theory anyway, and I really don't want to have to actually test that theory.

I still don't really understand the whole thing. But once I was "backed-up" I felt this sense of calm and peace - like my world wouldn't come crashing down if my computer doesn't boot up one morning.

Of course, that was all until last night when a computer geek friend asked me what kind of a backup it did because there were different kinds.


I don't know what it does - I plug it in and it does it.

So now, well, I'm a little worried about the whole thing again. Especially since now I have to dig through all my junk and try to find the manual and figure out what this piece of equipment is really doing.

Cause I have no idea - in case you haven't figured that out...