Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Thoughts

My daughter's solo? Such a joy for me to hear last night. She said she was a little nervous, but didn't flinch walking up there with about five hundred people watching her. I see God's Hand at work in her. He has shown her how to be brave, and I couldn't be more proud of her.

Christmas Morning? There is nothing like it. Yes, the kids are excited about the presents, but it's a celebration - a grand celebration of the birth of a child. I look at my own children and wonder how God did such a thing - to come to Earth as a helpless babe to save us all. It's a wonderful thing to ponder.

Tears and joy? The two are very close together you know. In the midst of all of our excitement today, my girls all had at least one meltdown over something. Yet emotion is a mixed up jumbled thing sometimes. It is at moments of deepest joy that it is when we are most aware of our loss as well. My second Christmas without my father was not easy, but I could sense the presence of God, and I have peace.

Purpose? God had a magnificent plan that He set in motion on Christmas morning so many years ago. I don't want to wander aimlessly as I have felt lately, I want to be a woman of purpose. To be in motion towards that which God has called me to. I only wonder what that will look like as I pray the next few days.

A joyous Christmas to you all. And to Christ - may Your Name be glorified in the Earth.