Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas is coming

I can hardly believe that Christmas is just days away. As a mom, I am obviously busy this time of year - running errands, delivering cookies for my daughter's Christmas party, picking up gift certificates, and that was just this morning. But in the midst of all of that I have such a sense of peace this year. I run around but I don't feel frazzled. And for someone who gets frazzled on a semi-regular basis this is no small thing.

And as I was pondering this "peace that passes understanding" that is a gift from God, I'm also aware of just how grateful I am for God. You see, I came to know God at the lowest point of my life - without hope, without joy, without anything, Someone swept in and changed my life. It wasn't anything I did - simply a merciful God who chose to rescue me from my pit of despair.

I look around at the blessings in my life, and even the tragedies, and I see God's Hand, steadying my walk, watching over me - and I am so grateful to know Him. And even more grateful that He wants to be known.

I can feel guilty for not spending more time in the Word or feeling like I should pray more or fast more or just do more - but when it comes down to it, lately I have just been deeply grateful - and I think this is why I have such peace...such contentment in the midst of difficult circumstances.

And this is my prayer for you as we enter the last few bustling days of Christmas - may you be reminded of why He came in the first place - He came for you. And for that, we can be truly grateful.