Friday, December 30, 2005

You say it's your birthday!

It's my birthday too!

No, seriously, it is.

Being a December baby, a mere five days after Christmas and one day before New Years - well, let's just say I've pretty much always been gypped on my birthday. Years of "Christmas/Birthday" gifts left me feeling a little short-changed each year. My own parents rarely remembered to call me since they tend to hand me my birthday card on Christmas day. I never got to have parties on my birthday because it always interefered with all the other things going on that time of the year. (This has actually gotten worse as an adult). My birthday just always got lost in the midst of it all.

Boo-hoo to me.

But this year - I don't know. Something's just different. Maybe I've finally grown wiser, they say this comes with age but who are we kidding - I know lots of older people who aren't that wise or even nice. Present comapny excluded. Or maybe it's because of something else.

Our finances have been barely covering the bills so because of that, my husband and I decided to not do any big gifts for each other. We only got a few small things for each other. I knew there wasn't going to be any money for my birthday, and I was okay with that. I was much more focused on giving my kids a decent Christmas (which we did - and they don't know that more than half of their gifts cost $5 or less). I had no expectations for this birthday and maybe because of that - I'm just enjoying it. No big party - but a ton of kisses and hugs from my children who have been singing me Happy Birthday all morning - even the two-year-old. My husband is doing laundry - I mean really, what more could a girl want? And I am blessed. I know I am. I don't feel gypped at all.

Sure, it would be fun to have a birthday that didn't conflict with a dozen other parties. But getting over my desire for fanfare and attention - well, that's part of growing up, too. It's a nice, relaxing birthday - my family loves me, and Jesus, well, I think He understands being overlooked on a birthday. It happens to Him every year. He celebrates with us even when no one else remembers.

Here's to birthdays and to ice-cream cake and the kids going to grandma's!