Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Winter Bugs

I'm writing again today and I have to tell ya - it feels good. I'm working on two fun projects as I await word on what my next...paid project...might be.

I find that there is a rhythm with me and writing...and me and everything else. When I get used to doing something, I find it easier to keep doing it, then to stop and then start again.

For example. I had a great exercise routine going and then the kids got sick, then I got sick...and after a couple of weeks of not doing it, it just seemed easier to keep not doing it. For days now I've been thinking - "I have to get back to it, I have to get back to it." Today, I finally did. I know that I have to create that rhythm again, and keep it going.

It's the same thing with writing. With no deadline looming over my head I find myself scattered, wasting time on random things that when put together don't add up to much of anything.

But the last few days, I've been tackling my new novel, a little bit everyday - it feels good to be moving forward on something again. Back in the rhythym of writing.

And honestly - I think we also have to find our rhythm with God as well. Frankly, when the "baby season" began, my quiet times never looked the same again. I still have an almost three year old at home with me - and I still get very little actual alone time. I think God has grace for us moms - knowing that prayers and laundry and making dinner just somehow have to fit all together. But lately, I've been craving some alone time with God - with no distractions and no one asking me to make them some juice. I've gotten out of that habit simply because of the reality of my life. But as my kids grow older, I have to adjust, to make changes, and I sense one coming. That season of grace has turned into a sense of God calling me back to Himself.

Now I just need to be obedient enough to follow through. And make sure my little prayer closet is ready for those moments that will surely come my way.