Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Encourage one another...

Cross-Posted from 4:12 LIVE! today. But I will give my conference update soon...

The UPS man just knocked on my door with a case of The Encore, my brand-new book on his shoulder. I didn't accost him like I did the poor UPS guy who came with the case of my very first book.

Me: Do you know what this is? Do you know? (in high-pitched squeals only a girl can make)

UPS guy: Uh, no Ma'am (fear flickers across his eyes)

Me: My book! My very fist book! I actually wrote a real book! (I resist hugging him here and probably sensing that he shoves the fifty pound box at me and takes off.)

It's still exciting and wonderful and kind of unbeliveable though. I flipped through one off the fresh stack and inhaled the smell. (If you smell books - you'll know why I did it - if you don't smell books then there's no point in trying to explain it anyway.)

It's something I never thought could happen. God's like that. He takes something that seems impossible and makes it real. He takes something that lingers in our dreams and gently pulls it into reality.

Except in cyberspace (and my fabulous husband - speaking of dreams coming true)I really don't have very many people to celebrate with. Lots of people around me, well, they just don't get what I do. It can be hard, but it also forces me to remember the One who moves me to do it all in the first place and sense His pleasure. What dad wouldn't be excited for their daughter? I can be sure that He celebrates with me and today - well, that's enough for me. He gets it.

I wonder how many of you don't get much encouragement in your calling. I wonder how many of you labor almost in secret. I'm sure you do. We live in a world where we don't naturally encourage one another, we have to learn how and prcatice it often. So if you have need of encouragement I have two suggestions that have helped me:

Become an encourager - be someone who looks for ways to encourage those around you, whether it's a friend, a sibling or even your mom and dad. Or a stranger at church whose smile brightens your day. Or an author whose books... (whoops - never mind;)

And remember the One who sees all you do. Keep in mind that Christ doesn't just hang around us to keep us out of trouble, He hangs around us because He loves us. He weeps with our pain and celebrates in our victories. Nothing you do is ever a secret from Him. The more you get to know Him - the more you'll be content with only Him knowing your sacrifices.

Of this I am completely convinced - He loves you more than you can imagine!