Thursday, May 12, 2005


I get overcomitted very easily. I went through this season for months where I had only my regular responsibilities and then just in the last few weeks I suddenly have all of these new "opportunities".

I call them opportunities because they are all good things to do, things that I have a heart for but it's like trying to choose paint from a paint chip - there's too many choices and you're not sure what it's really going to look like in your house. I may want to do X, but don't want to get down the road and realize then that I've taken on too much. Nope, I'd rather know that on this side of it. The Word tells us that we should "count the cost", because everything has a cost.

Deciding what to say yes too and what to say no too has to be a prayerful decision because I know my weakness of jumping into something good and paying a high price in stress. And as I look at this new crop of possibilities, I'm just not sure.

Especially since I've been taking a Bible Study on Priorities the last six weeks and it's made me much more aware of the difference between my priorities and God's priorities for me.

I'm just not sure why everything always happens in such a flood. It's never one little thing at a time it's five of them at the same time.

But once again, that something that makes us more dependent on Him - and that's the way He likes it.